Advertising and ICR faculty and students present, win awards at American Academy of Advertising annual conference

The Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising faculty members and Institute of Communications Research doctoral students participated as moderators, panelists, and research paper presenters at the American Academy of Advertising annual conference, March 18-20, 2021. 

Their research topics included chatbot advertising, online ethical behaviors, advanced computational advertising research, the complexity of brands taking a stand, generational differences in green perceptions and purchase intentions, in-game advertising, presentation format comparing images and text, and political advertising/persuasion knowledge/social media regulation.

Several faculty members and students received AAA awards:

Conference presentations from Advertising faculty and ICR students included:

  • “Chatbot Advertising as a Double-Edged Sword: The Roles of Regulatory Focus, Ad Personalization, and Privacy Concern,” Woo Jin Kim (UIUC), Yuhosua Ryoo (Southern Illinois University), SoYoung Lee (Rowan University), Jung Ah Lee (Seoul National University)
  • “How Moral Failure Leverages Online Ethical Behaviors,” Woo Jin Kim and Un Chae Chung (UIUC), Yuhosua Ryoo (Southern Illinois University), Minjeong Kim (University of Tennessee)
  • “Visual or Textual Superiority Effect? Investigating the Effect of Presentation Format and Individual Processing Propensity on Mental Imagery of Online Product Information,” Xiaohan Hu and Chen Chen (UIUC)
  • "Advancing Computational Advertising Research,” Ewa Maslowska and Joseph Yun (UIUC), Jisu Huh (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities), Joanna Strycharz and Guda van Noort (University of Amsterdam), Jameson Hayes (University of Alabama), Edward Malthouse and Jonathan Copulsky (Northwestern University), Hyejin Kim (DePaul University), Su Jung Kim (University of Southern California), Stewart Pearson (Consilient Group), Venkatesh Shankar (Texas A&M University)
  • “The Complexity of Brands Taking A Stand,” Jason P. Chambers (UIUC), Sydney Chinchanachokchai (University of Akron), Shu-Chuan Chu (DePaul University), Elise DeCruise (Chief Diversity Officer, Marcus Thomas LLC), Joanne Kim (Partner and prev. Chief Diversity Officer, Marcus Thomas, LLC), Juan Mundel (DePaul University), Claire Segijn (University of Minnesota), Fang Yang (Grand Valley State University)
  • “Greener than Others? Exploring Generational Differences in Green Perceptions and Purchase Intentions of the US Consumer: Consumer Socialization and Social Intelligence Perspectives,” Chang-Dae Ham, Un Chae Chung, Woo Jin Kim, Seoyoon Lee, and Sang-Hwa Oh (UIUC)
  • “Political Advertising in the United States: Persuasion Knowledge and Support for Regulation in Social Media,” Michelle Nelson, Chang-Dae Ham, and Un Chae Chung (UIUC), Eric Haley (University of Tennessee)
  • “When Interruption Benefits: Impact of Goal Pursuit Context and Flow on Consumer Responses to In-game Advertising,” Giang V. Pham (UIUC)

Below are a few screen shots from the conference:

AAA Catherine Crystal

AAA Giang Pham

AAA Michelle Nelson

Jason P. Chambers
Jason P. Chambers, associate professor of advertising, associate department head, and Dean's Fellow for diversity and inclusion, was a presenter at “The Complexity of Brands Taking A Stand.”