Advertising Minor

The Advertising Minor is designed to provide undergraduate students with knowledge and experience with advertising and brand communication. We offer foundational courses in advertising and then let students pick and choose courses that are of interest to them. Courses within the Advertising Minor will help students develop understanding of the “big picture” of advertising as well as the role of advertising in society and then choose electives that fit within their career goals.

Students pursuing a major in Advertising or CS+Advertising are not eligible for a minor in Advertising. This minor is effective in Fall 2024. Students graduating in Spring 2024 or Summer 2024 are not able to complete the minor.

Declare the minor at Contact with any questions.

Students must fulfill the requirements below to complete the Advertising minor. The minor requires a minimum of 18 hours.

Foundations of Advertising (6 hours)

  • ADV 150: Introduction to Advertising
  • ADV 393: Advertising and Society

Exploring Advertising Topics (3 hours)
Choose one of the following:

  • ADV 175: Introduction to Multicultural Advertising
  • ADV 200: Data Literacy
  • ADV 201: Social Media and Personal Branding
  • ADV 212: Advertising History
  • ADV 290: Special Topics in Advertising

Advanced Advertising Topics (9 hours)
Choose three of the following:

  • ADV 301: Becoming an Influencer
  • ADV 305: Advertising Technology and the Digital World
  • ADV 311: Classic Campaigns
  • ADV 392: Advertising Immersion
  • ADV 396: Research Experience in Advertising
  • ADV 399: Advertising Study Abroad
  • ADV 400: Special Problems
  • ADV 409: Media Entrepreneurship
  • ADV 475: Multicultural Advertising
  • ADV 476: Global Advertising
  • ADV 478: Psychology of Advertising
  • ADV 480: Social Media Analytics
  • ADV 490: Advanced Topics in Advertising
  • ADV 491: Digital Content and Social Media Management
  • ADV 494: Persuasion Consumer Response