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Advertising plays an active role in our everyday lives. Advertising influences the products we buy, the media we consume, the causes we support, and the celebrities we follow on social media. Whether you are creative, analytical, interested in television, print, or digital media—the advertising major has something for everyone! If you're a prospective advertising student, check out our dedicated website for you.

The undergraduate curriculum at the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising teaches students about the role that advertising plays in society, as well as its impact in business and sales. Here is a broad vision for the bachelor's degree:

  • Year one: Courses address what advertising is and how it works
  • Year two: Courses prepare students to use the tools necessary to create and analyze advertising campaigns
  • Year three: Students learn how solve real-world advertising problems 
  • Year four: Students choose courses to develop specialized skills based on their interests 

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