Amanda Mabry-Flynn

Mabry-Flynn, Amanda
Assistant Professor of Advertising
21 Gregory Hall
  • PhD, University of Texas at Austin (Advertising)
  • MPH, George Washington University (Prevention & Community Health)
  • BA, University of Oregon (Business)
  • Assistant Professor
Course Specialties
  • Brand and Advertising Strategy

Dr. Mabry-Flynn's passion for advertising research developed while earning her Master of Public Health with a focus on public health marketing and communication. She was interested in understanding how advertising theory and practice could be applied to improve public health marketing efforts. While living in Washington, D.C., she worked in the Office of Health Education Services at Georgetown University on a variety of health communication and marketing campaigns. She was particularly interested in campaigns related to preventing campus sexual assault and bystander intervention. Her subsequent research as a doctoral student at UT-Austin focused both on how advertising influences gender-based violence and the ways in which mediated communication campaigns can help prevent such violence.

Research/Creative Endeavor

Dr. Mabry-Flynn's research is situated at the intersection of public health and advertising. She explores the impacts of advertising on attitudes and behaviors associated with health, as well as how to design health communication campaigns that influence health behaviors effectively.