BS Computer Science + Advertising

Students in the Computer Science and Advertising program will need strong quantitative skills. This combination of skills will prepare students for careers in:

  • Traditional advertising agencies
  • Google, Facebook, and other tech firms
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Grad school and academia

Ad agencies are rapidly hiring people with CS skills; however, they really need people who understand both the advertising and the CS side of things. At tech firms, advertising is the currency that drives the profits of behemoths like Google and Facebook. They too are looking for true hybrids who understand both dimensions of CS and advertising. With Google and Facebook's digital advertising disruption, and other advertising models online, it has opened the door for new forms of advertising and new revenue models. There are many exciting entrepreneurial opportunities for those who seek it. For those who wish to continue their research, new and exciting questions at the intersection of CS and Advertising remain unexplored.

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