ICR students present at Big Ten conference

On April 13, the Institute of Communications Research (ICR) hosted the Big 10 Graduate Student Conference, a one-day event where graduate students from Big 10-area universities present their research on media and communication. This year’s event featured 25 presentations from students representing eight universities. Included among these presentations were five current ICR students:

Crystal Chen: The Persuasion Effect of Message Evidence Under Different Modality

Crystal Chen


Susmita Das: Internalization of Market Research and the Cultural Production of the ‘Indian Market’ in the Transnational Advertising Agency Network, 1955-1969


Seo Yoon Lee: What Motivates People to Troll?: Examining the Role of Motivational and Personality Traits

Seo Yoon Lee


Jon Lewis: Who Makes the Game? Examining Private Ownership in Professional Sports

Jon Lewis


Jorge Rojas Alvarez: Radio Sutatenza: Silences in the Colombian conflict

Jorge Rojas Alvarez