Conference & Events

2023 ICR Graduate Student Conference 

Saturday, March 3
4031 Campus Instructional Facility

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8:30-9 a.m. Welcome 

Sela Sar, ICR Director 

9-10:20 a.m. Panel 1: Reconsidering News and Publics

Sakshi Bhalla - Measuring the Consumption of Political News: Patterns of Selectivity and Avoidance 

Rik Ray - Got a minute? Impact of COVID-19 on News Engagement and the Role of Audience Availability 

Dongchan Lee, Woojin Kim, & Jane Yeahin Pyo - Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Journalism: News Readers’ Perception of Source and Message Credibility 

10:30-11:50 a.m. Panel 2: Brands and Nation

Namita Gupta - Utterly Butterly Indian: Constructing a National Memory in Advertisements

Kirby Cook - Flavors of Fiction: Humorous Incongruencies of the Self-Parody Product

Yiran Gao - Elite Identity vs Comedian Celebrity: A Controversy in Chinese Social Media

Anirban Mukhopadhyay - Fireside Chat Re-imagined: Radio as the Citizenship Machine and “Mann ki Baat.” 

12-1:30 p.m. Lunch and Keynote (RSVP required)

Richard Huskey, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication (UC Davis) Simulation in Communication Science: Insights from a Non-Expert 

1:30-2:50 p.m. Panel 3: Contesting, Resisting, and Recreating Gender

Anqi Peng - “Leftover Women” Discourse and Counter-discourses in the Digital Space 

Brian Landes - The Paul Brothers or Abject Masculinity as the Official Style of Capitalism 

Jingyi Gu - Sisters Who Hustle: Inspirational Labor and Platformed Community of TikTok Live Shopping Streamers on Xiaohongshu 

3-4:20 p.m. Panel 4: Technology, Digital Spaces, and Identities

Chen (Crystal) Chen - What is “Being There”?: An Ontology of the Immersive Experience

Ariana Cano - Understanding Self-Expression Through Avatar Creation for Women of Color 

William Helmke - A Media and Video Game-centered History of Tokyo’s Postwar Spatial Production 

4:20-4:50 p.m. Poster Session

Alyssa Xinle Du - Impact of Different Endorser’s Relevance level on customer’s Perceived Credibility Value Towards Advertising: A study Based on Celebrity and Expert Endorsers 

Ketan Krishna - Disciplining and Conditioning in Generative AI
Floria Yujin Lee - Effect of Product-Endorser Congruence on Advertising Avoidance

Weizi Liu & Mia Wang - Unpacking Trust in Recommendation Systems: The Roles of Source Framings, Agency Attribution, and Product Types in Consumer Perceptions and Evaluations 

Stephanie Perez - The Romance of Platonic Intimacies in And Just Like That 

Jennifer Shiyue Zhang, Ruochong Ji, Junqi Shao, & Leona Yi-Fan Su - Effects of Corrective Messages on Food- related Misperceptions and Behavioral Intentions: The Roles of Message Format, Information Source, and Perceived Credibility 

4:50-6 p.m. Closing Keynote

Aymar Jean Christian, Associate Professor, School of Communication (Northwestern University) 

Reparative Media 

6-6:05 p.m. Closing 

Amanda Ciafone, ICR Director of Graduate Studies 


Sunday, March 4
336 Gregory Hall
10-11:30 am.
"Beyond Data: A Roundtable Discussion of Computational Methodologies and Epistemologies" 


  • Aymar Jean Christian, Associate Professor, School of Communication (Northwestern University) 

  • Richard Huskey, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication (UC Davis)

  • Zoe LeBlanc, Assistant Professor, School of Information Sciences (Illinois)

  • Margaret Yee Man Ng, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism (Illinois) 

  • JungHwan Yang, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication (Illinois)