Maggie (Mengqing) Zhang

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My research interest is computational political communication, with particular focuses on communication process (network and structure)/mechanism and media effect. All my research interests serve the final purpose of helping build a better public discussion sphere. 

Specifically, I want to explore: 
(1) information dissemination in social networks and the influence/effect of network and structure on communication process; 
(2) the underlying mechanism of information dissemination and factors influencing information perception; 
(3) the influence of information manipulations (propaganda/censorship; social bots/trolls; rumor/fake news/misinformation) on public opinion and political polarization. 

Methodologically, I prefer computational methods and pay special attention to network dynamics. My research projects employ large-scale datasets, usually in the form of text. Therefore, various text mining techniques are often utilized, as well as natural language processing and machine learning methods. I also use social network analysis to facilitate my research projects.

Courses Taught

JOUR 460 Data Storytelling (TA)

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Maggie (Mengqing) Zhang