Marisa Peacock

Get to know some of our College of Media faculty. Marisa Peacock has been an advertising lecturer since Fall 2019.

What is the best part about advertising?
Two things. The first one is simple: Every industry needs advertising—it’s always going to exist. Secondly, advertising is constantly changing and creating. I specialize in social media, which didn’t exist at one point in my timeline, thus everyone is going to be doing something that doesn’t exist just yet within advertising! The limits are endless.

What is your best memory so far from your time spent at the College of Media?
Definitely working with all the students—their energy, openness, curiosity, and willingness to experiment recharges and fills me up every time. It’s a remarkable experience to work with students who put themselves into their work and achieve great things while having fun. 

What classes do you currently teach at the College of Media?
I teach ADV 498: The Sandage Project, which is an eight-week capstone class that is typically taken during the last year of coursework. A capstone class utilizes all your skills and talents over the past years to work on a real campaign with a real client! I taught it seven times, and in every instance the client wanted to pick more than one campaign. The class helps students to work in a team, execute a campaign, and use their creativity. 

What is the best way to network in advertising?
UIUC being a Top 10 school is an amazing start. You’re a part of a lot of moving parts and a huge entity. There is always something going on here and someone to talk to. Additionally, I’d say the best way to network is simply to just be yourself—don’t be afraid to promote yourself. People want to be around other people who like what they do, have great stories, and are interested in multiple things. Be that person in your own way. 

—Interview by Emily Campos, New Voices Intern