Meagan Vicens

Get to know some of our College of Media students! Meagan Vicens is a Class of 2022 advertising major.

What made you want to major in advertising and how did it meet your expectations? 
I wanted to major in advertising as it allowed me the freedom to follow my passions while working towards my career goals. Being an advertising major has fully met my expectations and has allowed me to focus on my passion of writing. I was able to gain experiences in copywriting as a department intern my senior year.

What RSO or advertising-related activity outside the classroom was your favorite and why? What was your role in it? 
My favorite advertising RSO has been American Advertising Federation (AAF) where I was a part of the executive board. As the account director of CTRL+V, the videography and photography-based agency, I learned so much about how to lead a group of people and work directly with clients. This role gave me tons of real-life agency experience that will definitely help me in my career path.

What do you hope to achieve after graduation and how well do you think the advertising program helped prepare you for the outside world? 
I hope to achieve a sense of familiarity in the workforce, not just by what I learned in school but also what I learned from my professors and peers. I have made so many connections through the advertising program here at UIUC, many whom I have connected with through LinkedIn. From searching for jobs to resume building to coffee chats to learn more about different companies, Advertising at Illinois definitely has prepared me well to move forward in my career and life.

What RSOs outside of Advertising did you most enjoy participating in?
My favorite RSO outside of the classroom was club soccer. For three years, I was the fundraising chair and it was a super rewarding role. Not only did I get to make money for my team, but I got to fund our trips to the regional and national tournaments every year, traveling to locations from Ann Arbor, Michigan, all the way to Gulf Shores, Alabama. 

—Interview by Adelina Garcia, New Voices Intern

Meagan Vicens