James Hay

headshot of James Hay
Professor of Communications (MACS and ICR)
240 Gregory Hall
  • Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin (1982)
  • Degree Certificate, University of Milan, Italy (1979)
  • B.A., University of Texas-Austin (1975)
  • Professor of Media & Cinema Studies and the Institute of Communications Research 
  • Unit for Criticism & Interpretive Theory
Course Specialties
  • Theory and Studies of Communication Media 
  • Theory and Studies of Television 
  • Communication/Media Technology 
  • History and Historiography of Communication/Media
  • Cultural Studies 
  • Media/Space (Geography, Architecture, Urban Studies) 
  • Media & Mobility 
  • Globalism and Media/Communication 
  • Media & Power 
  • Cultural Policy and Citizenship Studies 
  • Studies of Modernity
Research/Creative Endeavor

My research concerns a wide variety of media and contexts—from popular media of the 20th century (cinema, television, telephony, radio) to “new media” and forms of “media convergence” to technologies and appliances that are not usually considered “media” (such as cars, buildings, clothes, garage doors, and refrigerators). The forms of analysis that I typically use are interdisciplinary, and informed by a wide variety of theories. Much of my research over the last fifteen years has occurred at the intersection of studies about citizenship and governmentality, media/space (with an interest in architecture, urbanism, design, and geography), Science Studies, and Cultural Studies. My research is oriented as much to past as to the present—as much to residual as to emergent media and their relation to everyday life. Although much of my research is about the U.S. context, some of my research concerns “global” media networks, and some has focused on Italy and Europe. For a longer statement about my research and links to my select publications, see my website.