ICR student secures IBM data science internship

Kat TianKat Tian, a PhD student at the Institute of Communications Research (ICR), has accepted a data science internship at IBM's New York office this summer. The position involves intensive hands-on-experience with data analysis across a variety of business cases. Senior data science interns will deploy machine-learning models built using various platforms and handle data at scale, and make recommendations for managers with real business impact. At the internship, she will work with large, untidy datasets and deliver business solutions supported by statistical research. 

In her doctoral program, Tian has been doing research on cross-cultural communication processes in the marketing and advertising context by applying big data analytics and machine learning techniques. At ICR, her advisors are advertising faculty members Mike Yao, the Sandage Department of Advertising interim head, and  Michelle Nelson, associate dean for research and creative endeavor.